Friday, November 24, 2006

A letter from Michal Semin

I was told about your website recently. I am shocked by the level of falsity and amount of error in your reporting. I would like you to come to Prague so we can meet in person and also that you could meet my friends Cejka, Bahnik or Dr. Maly.
You know nothing about me and them except what you read from governmental sources (very left-liberal, under the influence of the freemasonic European Union) or the radically modernist Cardinal Vlk (have you noticed that he considers extremist, neo-nazi and lefebvrite, as these are his popular terms, anyone, who has a critical stance towards the liberalization of the Church, include all pro-life movement?).
I strongly object to nazism, fascism, communism and any other modern enlightenment-based ideology as I do to islamism!!! Get someone who reads Czech so that he can translate to you my Czech written articles on these subjects and then you would have to admit you were wrong. Have you read my interview for "Narodni myslenka", in which I explain why the socially active Catholics are bound to the Catholic social doctrine and must not form alliances with neopagan "new right"? Why don´t you quote that? Well, it just does not fit into your prefigured picture, I assume.
You have decided to spend a lot of time sending around slander about other people. I am sure you are aware about the spiritual consequences of such a dire decision. You will not make me hating you even though you will most probably consider this letter as just another proof of my neo-nazi tactics. I assume I will just have to live with it. I have gone through slander, interrogations and inprisonment during Communism (when I was a teenager) and I am surprised how things didn´t change much, although the fist comes from someone else this time. Unfortunately the spirit seems to be just the same. I will pray for you that you convert from your dirty journalism to a more objective writing. Your soul is at stake, Mr. Pryor.
And behave like a man, stop hiding behind your computer and face me in person in a public debate. Either here in Prague or in USA, if, God willing, I come soon again.

Michal Semin
39 years old, father of 6 children, SSPX parishioner

This is the first in a series of responses on the part of those who have been attacked and whose reputations have been smeared by Chris Pryor and his wife Jeannette Ahern Pryor. According to Mr. Semin, the only response he received from Pryor was that the research of the "Lefloch Report" was "flawless" and there was not need to email him again. Such is the cowardice of the one who has consistently tried to destroy the reputations of traditional Catholic laymen who have contributed to the traditional movement. Mr. Semin, and others, have offered to publically debate Pryor on the issues and the accusations and they have been consistently refused. Perhaps on day I will be able to debate Jeannette Pryor who accused me of Modernism for quoting texts on Our Lady from the 1913 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia. To these vicious attacks there must be silence no more!